Committed to offer the most reliable source of expertise in construction services at a competitive price.

About Us

Our staff possesses more then sixty years of combined experience in the areas of residential, commercial industrial and institutional construction services. We also have a long standing relationship with construction managers, building managers, engineers and architects located in the five boroughs of New York City.

We are committed to offer a most reliable source of expertise in construction services at a competitive price. Our goal is to respond to and solve all of our client needs with the most efficient and reliable services in the industry.

1. Project Methodology

Phase I: Pre-Construction and Bidding

During the pre-construction phase of the project, Penta, will ensure the construction documents are complete and can be built with the least amount of changes from the contractors. Penta will keep the best interest of the client in mind at all times and deliver a quality product.

    • Initial detailed design developing Estimating
    • Value Engineering and on-going Estimating
    • Review and provide on-go critique of the design drawings and specifications for completeness, coordination, and “build ability”.
    • Creation and tracking of a master Project Schedule, including all decision points as well as design and construction milestones.
    • Weekly attendance with senior technical staff represented at all design team meetings.
    • Prepare preliminary site logistics/mobilization and safety plans.
    • Carefully review and make recommendations regarding all existing conditions, and specifically with respect to minimizing noise, vibration, dust control, or other potential disruption to owners on-going activities during construction including a phasing analysis.
    • Provide assistance with securing required approvals and permits.
    • Advise owner with respect to EEO/Affirmative Action requirements.
    • Provide and update projected cash flows.
    • Provide the Project documentation and reports (e.g.: drawing and transmittal logs, anticipated cost reports, design request for information (RFI) logs and tracking, etc.
    • Provide a pre-Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) estimate based on ninety percent (90%) C.D.s. Include a detailed General conditions estimate.
    • Provide other Project related services as requested by owner.
The Design Document Review (DDR)

The major objective of the DDR process is to assist the project team
in improving the overall quality of construction documents.  This is
accomplished by ensuring that every comment put forward is resolved by the A/E.  All design documents should be reviewed for the following issues:

    • Constructability
    • Coordination
    • Economy and Efficiency
    • Minimization of Impact on Client Operations
    • Division of the Work for Bidding Purposes
    • Time of Performance
    • Compliance with the required scope of work
    • Compliance with criteria set forth in the client’s guidelines
    • Compliance with client comments
    • Avoidance of inconsistencies, problems, delays and
    • Change orders during the construction process.
Phase II: Construction Administration
  • During the construction phase of the project, Penta will distribute the project schedule indicating construction milestones.  A master schedule will be designed for the project completion dated.  These construction milestones will become part of the critical path of the project.  Recognizing these critical dated for construction, the team will now have the goal and the plan to accomplish the completion dates.  Weekly meetings will be set up with the owner’s representatives and design team to monitor construction progress.  Penta will oversee the overall implementation of the construction schedule and the adherence to it.
Guaranteed Maximum Price
    • Based upon 90% completed specifications, architectural and mechanical drawings, Penta will set the GMP for the project which is to include a 5% contingency line item.
Bidding Process
    • Before bid packages are sent out for bidding, Penta will prepare and submit a master bid list for the owners review with no less than three bidders per trade. Depending on trades scope, up to eight bids may be obtained to insure accurate scope coverage and lowest responsive bids.
    • Penta will prepare and distribute bid package invitations, response forms, boilerplate, scope of work, unit price schedule, Trade contractor schedule “B”, etc.
    • Penta will administer the full bid process in strict accordance with the Owner’s established procedures. Penta will schedule the pre-bid conference.  At this meeting, all interested contractors are instructed as to the specifics of the job and questions concerning the contract are discussed.  All the players involved in a project meeting including, but not limited to, the Owner’s representative, the Architect/Engineer, and Penta's personnel are introduced.  It is important to note all questions and bidders as well as attendees.  Any changes or clarifications to the contract documents must be issued as an addendum
    • Bid tabulations, negotiation of sub contract terms, price and award documentations will be prepared by Penta and submitted for the Owners review and approval.
Meetings & Communication
    • Penta's Project Manager will establish the criteria for the proper flow of communication.  Meetings will be scheduled no less than weekly involving consultants and contractors as required. Attendees should include Penta, the contractor, and representatives of each major subcontractor, as appropriate to the progress of the project.
    • The Project Manager prepares an agenda (which usually is derived from the previous meeting minutes) for discussion at these meetings.  The agenda includes a list of outstanding items, which will be reviewed as appropriate.  A suggested list of ongoing items for discussion will include:
    • Submittals/shop drawings
    • Requests for Information
    • Field Instructions
    • Schedule/Progress
    • Foresee account work
    • Progress payments
    • Safety and Security
    • Change Orders
    • Claims
    • Quality Control
    • The Project Manager will distribute minutes of the meeting to all attendees in a timely manner in order to allow review before the next regularly scheduled meeting.  The minutes will clearly identify all unresolved issues discussed, what action was agreed to, and who is responsible for taking that action.
  • All trade and material submissions will be reviewed and checked for compliance to the contract documents prior to submission to the architect and/or engineer.  All submissions will be entered into Timberline Project Manager  and reviewed at each weekly progress meeting.
  • The Project Safety Officer, with the assistance of a designated  individual from the owner, will establish and enforce a written safety program.  This program will not only address methods and means of construction, but will emphasize safety for all job site occupants.
  • The schedule will reflect the owner’s requirements regarding start and completion dates, be tracked daily by the Project Superintendent and reviewed at each weekly project meeting.  The schedule will be updated bimonthly to reflect changes.  This schedule will become part of each contractor’s agreement and strictly enforced.
Construction Management Tools
  • Primavera Sure track Project Scheduler 3.0, Timberline Job Cost, Timberline Precision Estimating Extended and Timberline Project Management. Planning a construction project is one thing, executing it is another. Administration can be a nightmare if logging and data retrieval are not performed correctly, or in a timely manner.  Penta uses TIMBERLINE software for project administration.  Its purpose is to ensure that all project items are designed, specified, ordered, delivered and erected on time and on budget.  The program allows all team members to share and/or log such items as Requests for Information (RFI), change orders, shop drawing submittals and meeting minutes

2. Project Approach

  • Penta will set the project up Utilizing a full time Project Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Project Manager and Assistant Project Manager. Penta laborers will be provided to install protection and cleanup on a daily basis to insure proper control of the project conditions and safety.
Scope of Work
  • Understanding the project scope entails more than knowing what work must be performed – Penta's project team will continuously work together with the design team to identify opportunities that will save time and money.
  • Penta has a proven track record of successful projects and satisfied clients.  We pride ourselves on the ability to call upon our in-house resource of dedicated professionals with many years of contracting experience.

3. Project Management

  • Penta recognizes that schedule control is an essential element in the successful execution of project task assignments.  To provide the necessary schedule control for a given task, we will utilize the Critical Path Method.
  • (CPM).  CPM identifies task progress by monitoring each element as well as the total project.
  • Monitoring the project budget once a contract is awarded will involve reviewing: Contractor’s monthly progress payment applications, current and estimated quantities to complete payment of line items, approved and projected change orders, and the impact of potential claims. Penta will use Primavera Expedition software to track, monitor, and develop cost estimates during every phase of the project.
Project Administration
  • Shop Drawing Reviews, Material Approvals & Documentation Interpretation. Penta maintained submittal log will record and track all submittals identified as required by the Architect. The computerized log will be reviewed on a daily basis to verify the submittals are being received, reviewed, and returned in time to meet schedule requirements.  These documents will include, but not limited to; shop drawings, working drawings, material samples, and Requests for Information (RIF).  We will expedite the flow of drawings and materials through the approval process.  If submittal delays or potential problems arise, we will promptly alert the responsible party as to the potential impact on the task at hand as well as the overall project.  We will also make recommendations for resolving any delays and mitigating their impact.
Change Orders/Claims Avoidance Administration
  • Penta will adapt the change order management process to specific project requirements – providing for the necessary checks and balances and requiring that the appropriate approvals be obtained prior to proceeding with change work.  Wherever changes are made, we will evaluate the impact of these changes in order to expedite the project and to avoid potential contractor claims.  We will quickly and equitably adjudicate claims to reduce settlement costs as well as barriers to progress.  By maintaining detailed documentation, we will expedite the entitlement and quantum determinations during the claims process.  This may defuse disputes because the entitlement issue will be clear to all involved.
Substantial Completion/Project Closeout Process
  • A detailed plan and schedule for the substantial and final completion, acceptance and closeout will be developed and will contain the following:
    • Notice of Substantial Completion
    • Notice of Completion
    • A detailed plan and schedule for the substantial and final completion, acceptance and closeout will be developed and will contain the following:
    • Notice of Substantial Completion
    • Notice of Completion
Quality Assurance Practices
  • Quality Assurance is a process that provides tools for achieving excellence. This is accomplished through the use of procedures and standards based on the concept of Total Quality Management – which emphasizes client satisfaction, management commitment, leadership, continuous improvement, prevention in lieu of detection, cooperation, and decision based on fact.  These tools and approaches are part of our teams’ technical quality assurance and general project management practices.
Quality Construction
  • In any construction project, contract documents detail the required scope of work and quality to be achieved.  Penta will be responsible for ensuring that the contractors do their best to achieve the required end product.  Penta can call upon a host of tools and procedures to ensure that contractors use the highest quality materials and workmanship on this project, as detailed by contract documents.
Field Coordination & Reporting
  • The primary purpose of regular fieldwork inspection is to maintain compliance with construction document requirements.  Documentation of such compliance is of equal importance.  For this purpose the assigned superintendent will prepare regular daily reports to describe the progress of and conditions present within the project.
LBE Program
  • Penta is committed to promoting the development of Locally Based Enterprises (LBE) in accordance with the rules of the New York City Department of Business Services.  The stipulated utilization goal for the participation of NYC certified LBE’s would be strongly encouraged by all contractors, sub-contractors and vendors.

4. Project Team/Key Personnel

Nick Fillas - President

Mr. Fillas has been involved in the construction industry in New York City since early 1980’s, bringing more than 30 years of construction management experience to Penta. Mr. Fillas’s success the past 30 years has been that he owns and operates a very successful Construction Management company. Mr. Fillas's has had extensive work in both union and non union construction projects. He brings to the table his experience and knowledge in with trades and forming a cohesive working relationship with all design teams.

Chris Fillas - Executive VP

Mr. Fillas has been in the construction industry in New York City since 2000, bringing more than 12 years of construction experience to Penta. Mr. Fillas has managed all of the exterior envelope construction for Penta. Mr. Fillas’s knowledge in all aspects of exterior waterproofing, Masonry and roofing trades make him an invaluable asset to any construction project Penta is involved with.

Steven Calicchio - Executive V.P. of Construction

Mr. Calicchio has been in the construction industry in New York City / Weschester since 1985, bringing more than 25 years of construction experience to Penta. Mr. Calicchio started as a construction site supervisor, then progressed to project manager and for the past 10 years as VP of Construction for some of the largest union and non-union construction company’s in the tri-state area. Mr. Calicchio has worked on projects in the public and private sector of various types. His project list includes health care facilities, residential buildings, corporate offices, hotels and industrial spaces. Mr. Calicchio has been involved in all aspects of new construction residential projects such as site planning and management, excavation and earth moving, foundations, sheet piling, caissons, soil stabilization underground utilities, concrete and structural steel super structures, masonry and concrete plank structures, masonry fascade and hazardous material removal and disposal surveillance. As V.P. of Construction for Penta, Mr. Calicchio directs all aspects of the design development and construction management efforts including client contact, interfacing with all prime contractors, reviewing estimates, construction schedules, reviewing progress payments, reviewing Bidders Qualifications and providing support for the design/construction value engineering for the project.

5. Team Overview

  • Penta has assembled a team that demonstrates the firm’s unique qualifications for this project.  It is composed of professionals who possess an optimum mix of skill and a wealth of experience on similar projects.
  • All members of the Penta team take a hands-on and proactive approach to project management.  Along with a regular presence at the job site, Penta staff will constantly monitor the project and has a track record of making the adjustments necessary to avoid project delays – whether the adjustments are manpower or other in conjunction with engineering and design resources.  In addition, we use the latest management tools to ensure efficient and compliant job performance.

6. Safety

  • Penta is fully committed to providing the safest working environment possible for its employees, clients and contractors.  Penta  Project Executive is responsible for maintaining the company Safety Program and its issuance to each and every active jobsite.


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